GameDev & 3D Art Portfolio

Here’s my Unity programming portfolio!

In this 1-minute video, I showcase my ability to create stunning visual effects using post-processing techniques in a Box Volume within Unity. Starting with a basic environment provided by Unity, I apply various post-processing effects to transform the scene into a visually captivating experience. This project demonstrates my proficiency in using Unity’s post-processing tools and my passion for game development and visual effects. By exploring the potential of post-processing, I aim to enhance the visual appeal of my future projects and create immersive gaming experiences for players.

Here’s a short animation I made following Unity’s Creative Core Animation course. I modeled the characters in Blender and then animated them in Unity. I am particularly proud of the Alien Snail, which I entirely modelled and animated, including the eye movement.

Random Spawn, Lives Count, Score Count, Pause and restart.

I followed the Create With Code course in spring 2021, and really like what they teach, as a plus I followed Brackeys videos to set up some cool menus. In the video you can watch the result.

Following the Create with code live – Spring 2021 Course I was able to create a mini-game with obstacle pyramids, oncoming vehicles, camera switcher and local multiplayer options. I also changed the colors of the two vans.

Mod the Cube

In this project, given a default cube and script I modified the cube’s script so that at least two changes to the cube’s behavior are made.

Following, the changes I made through scripting:

  • Change the cube’s location (transform)
  • Change the cube’s scale
  • Change the angle at which the cube rotates
  • Change the cube’s rotation speed
  • Change the cube’s material color
  • Change the cube’s material opacity

Counting Prototype

I thought I might put together some of the knowledge learnt up to this point. I created a FPS with a kill count of the objects found in the scene. I also added sound and used raycast.

Application Options Menu Creation

I struggled a bit with the volume and then way too much with the Font Color, for this last thing part of the solution was to create a public text GameObject, and then make a method for each color that would be called in the update where to each value corresponded a different method.

Refractoring and Coding Assignment

I basically put to work all the things I have learnt up to this point in this course. The most memorable thing for me are custom functions.

Pachinko – Style Project Unity Learn

In this project, I applied the 2D sprites in a 2D environment, added gravity and obstacles as a prototype for a possible Pachinko-Style game.

Goodbye Drone – Introduction to Audio

Probably the unity learn project that taught me the most. I added sound sources, made them realistic by making them interact within a 3D space, I added some colliders to the scene and made them trigger to make the drone move. I composed the music.

The Floor is Lava

In this challenge, I built my own Scene using primitive GameObjects and free assets. In the process of meeting this challenge I took the following steps:

  • Create a new 3D Scene.
  • Create new primitives.
  • Navigate 3D space in the Scene view.
  • Move, rotate, and scale GameObjects.
  • Move and rotate the Main Camera.
  • Add a RigidBody Component to a GameObject.
  • Create and apply new Materials.
  • Playtest your game in the Game view.

The lil Orange Man

Thanks to I started my first experience with this amazing platform.

If you follow their tutorials you will definitely understand how to do a good job with the given tools. In this project the aim was to familiarize with the Editor.

FPS under construction

As a young kid I would play video games for hours, dreaming about how one day I would make my own ones.

Well, there you go, thanks to UnityBlender and the giant steps technology has taken this is now possible and I’ll show here my progress.